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Why 30A is the Best Valentine's Gift EVER!

Posted by micah mccasland on
Why 30A is the Best Valentine's Gift EVER!
Why 30A is the best Valentine’s gift

When we think of Valentine’s day, most of us think of fancy restaurants, stuffed bears, flowers, cards, and candy hearts. And while those are all fun and appreciated, after a year like 2020, I think all of our loved ones deserve an EXTRA special Valentine’s day this year.

Here are a few reasons why a trip to 30A is the PERFECT gift for your sweetheart:

1. You are giving a memory
The rate at which we all cleaned out our closets during 2020’s Stay at Home orders is proof enough that most of us have plenty of “stuff”.
But, when we think back to the happiest moments of our lives, when we were truly Living Well, we don’t think of the time we got a stuffed bear for Valentine’s Day, we think of memories with loved ones.
With a trip to 30A, you are not only saying "thank you for all that you do", but you are also creating a new memory which is truly priceless!

2. There is something for everyone!
Here on 30A, you can really have any type of vacation you want. It can look like relaxing on the beach, staying in and watching movies, mountain biking, fishing, boating, golf, spa days, and so much more. There is seriously something for every type of adventurer here. On 30A, your Valentine can have the kind of trip that THEY want! (So you don’t have to stress about deciding that for them!

3. There are SO many fun ways to gift a trip to 30A!
When gifting a trip to 30A, you have the ability to get really creative in the way you present it.
Here’s a few ideas that we recommend

The options are endless!
So, get creative and make sure to film your partner's reaction and tag @livewell30a
We would LOVE to see it!

4.It’s Easy
We can literally help you with everything!
Whether you need a place to stay (& want to avoid booking fees), want groceries delivered, activities planned, or even flowers and a bottle of wine waiting for your sweetheart (highly recommend), Live Well 30A & Rent 30A can take care of it all!

So, go Live Well and have the best Valentine’s day ever!
We’ll see you on 30A!



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