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Dreaming of the beach? Tips for your 2021 Spring Break!

Posted by micah mccasland on
Dreaming of the beach? Tips for your 2021 Spring Break!

Dreaming of the beach?

2021 Spring Break Tips

After a year like 2020, we are all ready to “coastal distance” in the sun.
And since many of us are snowed in at the moment and dreaming of warmer weather, it seems like the perfect time to plan a 30A spring getaway.

Here are a few tips to get you ready for a fantastic Spring Break on 30A!

1. Book local
When you’re looking for a memorable 30A Spring Break, it’s so helpful to get the scoop from a local! That is why we created Rent 30A. Not only are you able to book locally and directly, but you also avoid surprise FEES!

This means more room to spend on the fun stuff, like paddle boards, family photos, and fun restaurants!
(Rent 30A can help you coordinate those activities too!) 

2. Utilize grocery delivery
Grocery Delivery is a service that has been on all of our minds over the past year.
But, did you know that you can order your groceries before you even get to 30A?
With Live Well 30A’s grocery shopping services, you can have all of your faves waiting for you at your rental.

This way, you can enjoy your time, avoid the crowds, and have your vacation start the minute you get here!

… Don’t you wish you could have that at home too?!

3. Order your gear before you’re here
Whether it’s Live Well 30A apparel, bike rentals, beach chairsbonfires, or babysitting, you can reserve everything you need before you get to 30A!

This way, you are confident that you have your sizes, your beach spot, and your activities all ready for you!

If there was any year to look for ways to make your vacation less stressful, this is the year! So, utilize these services, relax, Live Well, and get excited about your 2021 Spring Break!

See you on the beach!

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