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Why 30A is AMAZING in the Winter!

Posted by micah mccasland on
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Why do 30A in the winter?

When you think of 30A, you think of summer, warm weather, ice cream, sunbathing, and long pool days.

While a 30A trip TOTALLY rules in the summer, we have to say 30A is actually just as special in the winter months!

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Less Crowded
No one wants to miss out on the 30A summer fun, which also means that most visitors end up in 30A at the same time.
While this large influx of people can create opportunities for new friends and a LOT of fun, it can also create congestion, traffic, and long restaurant waits.
In the winter, however, 30A is ALL YOURS!
There is less traffic, more access to rentals and activities, and it is all around less crowded.

2. Better rates, especially for long term stays
For our snowbirds or digital nomads, winter is the PERFECT time to visit 30A.
You can rent a gulf-front property in the winter months for nearly half (or more) off of peak season prices.

With most of us working and learning from home these days, you might as well work with a coastal view!

3. Plenty of winter-friendly activities
Despite the colder weather, you really don’t miss out on much during a 30A winter.
We can’t deny that there probably won’t be a lot of bikini sunbathing from December to February (although there could be), but there is still SO much 30A to enjoy!
  • There are so many rentals with heated pools!
  • Many restaurants have live music with outdoor, individually heated seating.
  • There is always an abundance of fun family activities.
  • It is RARELY too cold for a walk on the beach
  • It is the absolute PERFECT time for a beach bonfire!
  • Plus, so much more!

So, If you haven’t considered doing winter on 30A, we highly recommend it! It is such a special place year-round, and we want you to experience it all!

Want help booking your 30A Winter Stay?
Contact Cierra at Rent 30A, and we can help you with whatever you need!
Whether that’s finding a rental, planning out activities, or coordinating errands so you don’t miss a thing - Live Well & Rent 30A would love to help!

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