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Dinner with a private chef!

Posted by Cierra Robinson on
Dinner with a private chef!

As a Live Well 30A Member, our goal is to ensure you vacation as much as possible and focus on what is important – friends, family, conversation, and your vacation!  One of the perks of the membership is access to a private chef and catering.  This luxury is a stress-free and often cost-efficient option for entertaining your family and guests.  Our team of culinary professionals, available all along 30A, are trained to create a special experience for you.  From daily meals to a four-course dinner party, Live Well 30A will match you with the right chef and level of service desired.  


How does it work?

Your Live Well 30A concierge will coordinate with you for the date(s) needed, dietary restrictions, number of guests (our chefs love to serve kids too!), and menu ideas.  The concierge will match you with one of our preferred local chefs and finalize details for you.  The culinary team handles all the shopping, cooking, serving, and clean-up!  

You can choose from a simple family-style meal, buffet, plated courses or even a traditional seafood boil on the beach.  If you are passionate about food, join the chef in the kitchen and see a pro in action.  

Live Well 30A concierge is on-hand to coordinate additional add-ons for special occasions such as bar service, centerpieces, custom cakes, balloons, photographers, live music, and just about anything you imagine.  We even know a mermaid or two. 



Besides the time it takes away from your vacation, when planning a menu, you quickly realize the number of spices and ingredients you will have purchase for just one meal and often these ingredients are left behind and go to waste.  Think of hiring a private chef as an environmentally friendly decision.

We love our restaurant partners all along the 30A communities, however many are designed for smaller parties and often reservations are not accepted, making dinner a stress point.  There are tired, sandy, hungry children (and adults!) impatient to get ready and then wait in line for an hour to be seated for dinner.  Often a family may have to give up the gorgeous sunset to prioritize dinner.  



Your Live Well 30A concierge will work with you on a budget that is appropriate for your group.  Most chefs and catering charge on a per person basis based on the menu and services.  Each meal can be customized for you.  Payments can be handled through your membership account or directly with the culinary team.  Gratuity and tax will be included.   A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking.  Changes and cancelation fees vary among our culinary teams and will be disclosed prior to reservations.


When should I make a reservation?

We recommend you let us know as soon as possible in advance of your arrival that you are interested in a private chef experience.  During the peak seasons, many chefs are reserved months in advance so let us help you plan!  One more way to make your upcoming stay stress-free.

    Ready to schedule your experience? Contact us today to get on the schedule!

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